RTI/MTSS Coaches' Training 


Margaret Searle invites you to participate in a seminar that will help your coaches with the intervention process for both general and special education students.

You will leave with practical ideas and procedures for implementing strength-based coaching meetings.


Learn how to solve learning and behavior problems more efficiently by first focusing on root causes.


Learn ways to help families and students become involved in the problem-solving process.


This seminar will help you ...

* Hold team meetings that generate enthusiasm and practical action plans in one session.

* Analyze why students are having academic or behavior problems.

* Practice a strategy for digging below symptoms to find the root causes for student problems.

* Learn to write clear goals for improving student progress.

* Develop simple ways of collecting data that will guide each step of the process progress monitoring)

* Turn parents and students into willing participants in problem-solving meetings.

* Build a partnership with the student and his/her family so all key players take responsibility.

* Explore ways of developing a database of powerful academic and behavioral interventions.

Who should attend?

Administrators, supervisors, counselors, psychologists, special and general education teachers.


Most schools find it helpful to send teams rather than individuals. Teams made up of administrators, special ed. and general ed. teachers typically work best.


* Bringing a charged laptop will allow you to get hands-on experience with the website. Outlets may be limited.

Seminar available at the following locations:


Columbus Session:                         

Quest Conference Center              

8405 Pulsar Place                         

Columbus, Ohio 43240                


Dates TBA for Fall 2020

Seminar Agendas:

Continental breakfast at 8:00 daily


Days 1 & 2      8:30 - 4:00


Basics of coaching

* Skills to become a supportive coach

* How to turn team meetings into productive conversations that teachers find helpful and supportive

* How to collect and analyze data.

* Using conversation guides and strength charts that uncover assets to build on as well as addressing root causes to promote student growth


Days 3 & 4     8:30 - 4:00


Advanced coaching practice

* How to analyze and address executive function skills that influence  behaviors like focusing, organization, memory and impulse control problems

* Use case studies to practice identifying root causes, setting DATA goals and writing action plans


Teams should bring real case studies with them including data about the severity of the student problems, i.e., oral reading fluency scores, digits per minute counts, numbers of disruptions per class period, frequency of missing assignments ...


Registration & Pricing

(Registration includes breakfast & lunch, snacks and copies of the books, "What To Do When You Don't Know What To Do" and "Causes and Cures in the Classroom: Getting to the Root of Academic and Behavior Problems.")


To register by postal mail:

Download this form, fill it out and mail to the address on the form.



To register electronically:



$650.00 per person for all four days, or $350.00 for the first two days.

Two hours of Ashland University Credit is available.

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