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Welcome to the Searle Enterprises website. This site has been designed to assist you as you build capacity in yourself and others in order to provide superior educational opportunities for the learners you serve.


Our team of experienced consultant/practitioners provides user-friendly training, materials and on-site consulting services that help you turn educational research into daily practice. These services can be customized to enhance and expand the current initiatives of your district, agency or school.

We specialize in the areas of:


*  Helping teachers create user-friendly, standards-based plans

*  Designing and implementing differentiated instruction

*  Developing seamless models of collaboration between special              education and general education

*  Setting up and maintaining highly effective teams

*  Implementing Universally Designed Instruction

*  Implementing a system for figuring out powerful interventions for      students at risk

*  Finding practical ways to implement RTI/MTSS

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