Solving Academic and Behavior Problems - Online Course

Course Description

The course consists of 5 modules each with 2 lessons per module.

        Week                                                          Lesson topics

January 7 - 13             1. What does quality RTI/MTSS look like, whether remote                                                  or in person?

                                      2. What are some quick and easy ways to collect data?

January 14 - 20          3. How do you replace frustration with feelings of                                                                  accomplishment at team meetings?

                                      4. What is Appreciative Inquiry and how is it a game changer?

January 21 - 27           5. What are the best ways to build partnerships with parents                                                 and students?

                                      6. How does focusing on teacher and student strengths                                                         increase effectiveness when problem-solving? 

January 28 - Feb 3      7.  What is the 5 Whys Process?

                                       Advanced Level: Module 3 or prior coaches' training required.


                                      8. How does the 5 Whys Process make Tier 2 and Tier 3                                                      problems manageable?

February 4 - 10           9.  How do we get buy-in from parents and students for                                                        student support meetings?

                                      10. How can problem solving meetings result in action plans                                                  100% of the time?

Spring Session February 18th through March 25th.

The entire course takes approximately 20 hours to complete.


The course is facilitated once a week by problem-solving experts Margaret Searle and Marilyn Swartz via live Zoom session.


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