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Executive Function - Brain Basics - Online Course

Module 1: What does RTI/MTSS look like whether remote or in person?

Lesson 1 – Defining the three components of RTI/MTSS

  • Assessment

  • Tiers

  • Problem-Solving


Lesson 2 – Progress monitoring

  • Quick and easy ways of collecting data

  • Use data to improve instruction

  • Chart data so students can self-monitor


Module 2: Preventing problems through productive team meetings

Lesson 3 – Team organization

  • Make the most of team planning time

  • Use strength charts to focus the Tier 1 strengths and concerns


Lesson 4 – Team planning meetings

  • A strengths-based method for solving academic and behavior problems (Appreciative Inquiry)

  • The 6-step team process for preventing Tier 1 problems

  • Which accommodations and interventions promote student independence



Module 3: Starting intervention plans for individual students

Lesson 5 – Student and parent involvement

  • Prevent students from falling through the cracks with a watchlist

  • Make students and parents feel safe, welcome and seen (remote or in-person)

  • Use strengths to set goals and create robust intervention plans


Lesson 6 – Three-pronged action plans

  • Individual student action plans using Appreciative Inquiry for Tier 2 or 3

  • Patterns that lead to more interventions

  • Practice writing clear DATA goals.


Module 4: How to diagnose and address tough cases

Lesson 7 - The Five Whys process

  • Drill down to the hidden causes

  • Six tips for successful Five Whys conversations


Lesson 8 – Refining your diagnostic skills

  • Troubleshooting coaching errors

  • Case studies for practice


Module 5: Involving the family in student support meetings

Lesson 9 - Preparing the family for success

  • How to get buy-in from parents

  • What if parents don’t show up

  • Talking points to put the student at ease 


Lesson 10 – Student Support Meetings

  • What do successful meetings look like

  • What happens during follow-up meetings


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