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Executive Function - Brain Basics - Facilitated Online Course

ASCD Best-Seller

Course cost and materials:

Registration is $99.00 per module for each of the 5 modules. Each person who enrolls in the facilitated (all 5 modules) @ $495.00 will receive a free copy of the book Solving Academic and Behavior Problems. Books will be sent to the group contact person when registering as a team.


Training                                                Cost                               Savings   

1 module                                             $99.00 per module


1 Registration (all 5 modules)                     $495.00                   

Teams of 5 or more registered          $450.00 per person      $45.00 per person 

together for the full course                                                          Total savings of $45 per  person                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             

  • Activities needed for the course will all be embedded in the module materials packets. 


  • Personalized training can be arranged for schools or districts by contacting us at

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