Solving Academic and Behavior Problems - Online Course

Course cost and materials:

Registration is $99.00 per module for each of the 5 modules. Each person who enrolls in the facilitated or unfacilitated course (all 5 modules) @ $495.00 will receive a free copy of the book Solving Academic and Behavior Problems. Books will be sent to the group contact person when registering as a team.


Training                                                Cost                               Savings   

1 module                                             $99.00 per module


1 Registration (all 5 modules)                     $495.00                           $34.95 for the book

Facilitated or Unfacilitated

Teams of 5 or more registered          $450.00 per person      $45.00 per person and cost of one book

together for the full facilitated                                                    per person. Total savings of $79.95 per    or unfacilitated course                                                                 person                                                                                                                                                                   

  • Excerpts from the book, videos and activities needed for the course will all be embedded in the module materials packets. Readings are all short excerpts so it’s highly recommend that you purchase the book to access dozens of additional videos (through links and QR codes), charts and activities that give you more practice and deepen your new skills.


  • A free copy of the book Solving Academic and Behavior Problems will be provided for participants enrolling in the full course. Others may purchase the book on the ASCD website for $34.95.                

  • Personalized training can be arranged for schools or districts by contacting us at

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